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Thread: Canada/US bike transport

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    Canada/US bike transport

    I need to transport a purchased bike from Canada to the USA. Who can recommend a freight company that is reliable? Or, would I be better off $$) if I just flew up there and rode it home? I've been told be customs brokers that may be a problem, but other private individuals report that it is a piece of cake to do the latter!
    Who has personal experience here?

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    A used vehicle that is for personal use (not for resale) is an easy deal. Forms are all on line from U.S. Customs. The only sticky bit is if it's a model that was not originally offered for sale in the U.S.

    Paying a broker isn't needed, unless you would prefer to have it shipped vs. flying up and riding the bike home. I'd personally opt for going up, having a good look at the bike and then making a final decision. Having a bike of unknown condition crated, shipped and brokered through customs is WAY more than the price of a plane ticket.

    I worked in a Customs Brokerage / Freight Forwarding office for a year between teaching gigs...



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