My brother in law, Gary, was scheduled to be in Knoxville Iowa for his father's induction into the Sprint Car Hall of fame on the same day as the Los Angeles Concours De Elegans car show. Gary had 2 cars entered and I was asked to drive the trailer for one of them. The cars are the 1938 indy race car (with original paint behind the front cowl) and a track T hot rod that was crafted in 1953. My dad was there also with his blue Morgan

I rode down I-5 from Portland to Eugene then cut through the lush coastal mountains to the Oregon coast. I spent the first night camping in the redwoods near Avenue of the Giants. I took the cut off from 101 to Hwy 1 to Fort Bragg, but then ran through the Anderson Valley back to 101 at Cloverdale. Continued on 101 through San Francisco and got a room in Atascadero. From Santa Maria went on 166 through desert mountains (condor country) to Hwy 33 into Ojai. After long periods of straight line riding I really blew my line when I first got into the twisties. It took me a while to reestablish a rhythm and comfort after that lapse of concentration. from there into Santa Paula and then into LA.

The morning of the car show Universal Studios caught on fire just below my sister's house.

The car show was splendid.

Rather than just burn home on I-5 I took Hwy 33 parallel to the freeway through the oil fields and ag fields of the southern valley. I stopped to take a picture of a crazy quilt hillside where the San Andreas Fault twisted the strata that poked through the valley floor and saw a pair of coyotes with one bouncing pup fleeing in the distance. When I continued I saw the other two pups alone and disoriented by the side of the road.

From Red Bluff I took 36 to Hayfork, then stopped at a friend's house in Weaverville. Continued up Hwy 3 through the Trinity Alps to Yreka and then blasted up I-5 home.