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Carry both, Alex. When your family doesn't see your track move after days or weeks of following you, they'll make the 911 call for you....if you're worried about emergency response.
Too much of a time lag, Tom, and that is another issue with the SPOT. Whats the most critical component in emergency response...time!

Actually, I called the Cospas-Sarsat Canadian Mission Control Center earlier today and asked some questions. Like the Maytag repairman, they have lots of time on their hands to talk. They are the first to receive your distress call from the 406 SARSAT system. From there is goes to the RCC nearest you who then determines what needs to be done and who needs to be called. A minimum of time. From what I've read, GEOS spends too much time calling kin and embassies.

BTW, the PLBs are country coded. So when one goes off, both the country where it has gone off as well as the country code of the PLB will have bells ringing at the MCCs.

Thats not to say I can't buy a PLB in the US where they are cheaper (what isn't) and own it up here, but I would have to register it with NOAA and not the Canadian authorities. The PLB can be re-coded by the way at a cost.