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Excuse my ignorance how did you post your/the maps onto the thread..? Thanks
Hi Motorradfahrer

I used Used Microsoft Streets and Trips & the process is a Charlie Foxtrot.

  1. Open Microsoft Streets and Trips and select starting and ending points.
  2. Have program get directions - which draws the route on the map.
  3. Use the dotted box on tool bar to select area.
  4. Copy area inside box to memory. (Control-C)
  5. Dump memory into an art program like photoshop or Paintshop and there are others even some free ones.
  6. Save image as a jpeg.

Now you have two choices
First upload to forum as an attached image


Upload image to smugmug, photobucket or the like
Paste link into text message on the forum

having said all the above some folks know a simpler and cheaper route using Yahoo or Google but I have that damn gene that likes doing things the hard way.

Hey Google and Yahoo experts, share the process! Please?