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    I just put a "signalMinder" automatic turn signal cancelation device on our R850R. It always irked me that my '91 K self canceled the turn signals and the '97 didn't -so one day, feeling flush I picked up this little relay in hopes of scratching that itch.

    The box says "plug and play installation" and it was once I figured out two things: which relay to pull off the bike (for some reason it doesn't make any noise in operation, unlike all the other turn signal relays I've ever seen) and how to release the lock holding the relay on it's end of the wiring harness. After that it was just a matter of buttoning the bike back up and programming the relay for length of time I wanted the signal to flash. As a bonus it runs your lights at 1/2 bright as running lights. So far so good, we'll see if it has any detrimental effects as the summer goes on.

    $105.00 at RideWest, all the usual disclaimers apply.


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    love mine!

    only bitch is older ones use non-locking connector and the 1/2 bright running lights are only software programmable. I have to remember how to reset that function everytime I disconnect the battery or let it run down.


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