I am 47 years old, I have been riding for quite a few years. I ride a 2003 RT and am in the process of buying my 2nd bike a 93 k75rt my first k bike. Anyway, I attended a track day at Beaver Run on 06/04/2008 sponsored by European Motorcycles of Pittsburgh. OMG!!!! If you like the twisties and speed please sign yourself up for a tarck day. Life is to short!! I rode my RT on the track and had a blast. If you would like to register, check out their website for registration information: http://www.bmwpgh.com/

In addition I would like to comment on Lee and his staff from European Motorcycles of Pittsburgh they put on a great event. Very well organized a little slow starting in the morning(I think was from the rain that fell almost all day). They made lunch and were very helpful to me as well as others in getting ready for this event. I urge anyone who is on the fence about a track day to sign up now!! I might mention it is addictive.

Here is a link to myspace where I have pictures of my Track Day Its included in a slide show on this page: http://www.myspace.com/motoman1150rt