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Thread: Diamond Lake - Oregon

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    Diamond Lake - Oregon

    My friend Warren & I headed out Monday to take in Crater Lake National Park, Diamond Lake & Toketee Falls. It was a 254 mile ride to our first destination, Diamond Lake. As we rode we couldn't help notice the blue skies dotted with beautiful puffy clouds. As we got within 100 miles of the area the clouds changed to a sheet of grey overcast blah. We arrived at Toketee Falls & were stopped at the entrance of the access road by barricades threatening a $5000 fine & 6 months of jail if we proceeded. It seems a January snowstorm knocked down trees that threatened the general public. Sooooo, scratch Toketee Falls off our list of things to do.

    Next came our second stop, Diamond Lake Lodge. We booked a room with two beds for $89., unloaded our stuff & headed back to the Lodge for a great dinner. The skies were getting darker as we wandered out to the boat dock and took in Diamond Lake. The scene was picture perfect although a little sunshine would have made it even better. Being tired from our ride we decided to wait until the next morning to take in Crater Lake National Park.

    We rose rested and hungry as a bear. The Lodge provided the good coffee & food to recharge our personal engines before packing our stuff & checking out. Did I mention that it rained hard all night. In fact, it was raining when we left Diamond Lake. It was raining the 100 miles to Crater Lake too. The Lake was so socked in by fog that we couldn't even see a lake at all. It also was 34 degrees & raining at the top of the crater. Scratch Crater Lake off our list of things to see.

    The return home was long, cold and really wet. I had a good belly laugh as I saw Warren wringing out his socks, insoles & boots at a rest stop. I gave him a dry set of socks to replace the two pair of soaked ones he'd removed. We were both soaked, cold & flat whipped by the time we reached our homes.

    Overall we had a blast. We knew the chance of rain was high. We laughed & ate & rode our butts off. The trip was a success. Maybe next time it will be sunny with blue skies & puffy clouds.

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    rain or not it's look good.

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    A bad day riding beats a good day at work.

    Your positive attitude made all the difference between disaster and adventure.

    Looking forward to more ride reports (with some sun shine)
    Ride Well

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