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Thread: 1150RT rear luggage rack

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    1150RT rear luggage rack

    Any suggestions on how to carry a sleeping bag and small tent on my RT? I was thinking about a nice luggage rack with the rear Hard Case removed?!
    Any nice racks available?

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    I carry tent, bag and sleeping pad in a duffel bag across my rear seat. That leaves the rack for my camp chair, thermos and a small pack of light items (less than 10 lbls total on rack). Then I strap a cargo net over duffel and rack so I have a place to stuff stuff as needed during the days ride. Clothes and all other gear in side bags and tank bag.

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    BIG luggage rack

    Is this what you had in mind? We use a large sports bag on this rack. The bag is large enough to hold our tent, ground cloths, pillows, two small fleece sleeping bags, and extra ground cloth (the front porch), a flash lite or two and a few misc. items. The rack measures approximately 15" x 29" and attaches to the OEM rack with a lock system allowing it to be removed in just seconds so you can leave it at camp and enjoy the local riding more.
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    Now that's a rack! So where does a guy get one of these, and how much??
    Ted's idea was good too about putting the bag across the passenger seat but I'd like to check out one of these racks too.
    Thanks CRUISIN!

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    robjguy. . .

    . . . just click on the link "Crusin's Classic Creations" in my signature lines to get full details. The one pictured is the largest that we build. We can custom size to fit your needs.

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    BMW makes this very cool duffle type bag. It's water proof including the zipper so your stiff stays dry. It's got this outside mesh pouch to put wet items like a bathing suit in so when you ride, the air drys your stuff . It's got reinforced mounts on the bottom so you can secure the bag plus the outside has reflective material. Even has a shoulder stap and the price is around a hundred bucks. I know what you're thinking, but hey, it's BMW. I plan on camping for the first time and I'm finding the tents and sleeping bags really compress down to very small siize and weight. That bag would have plenty room to spare. I don't know the part number, but I can easily find out if you're interested. The bag is kind of a silver color with the BMW logo on it. I don't plan on bringing a top case though I'm planning to buy that bag instead and mounting it over the passenger seat

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    Have you checked out Helen Twowheels? She's got everything you need, and it's good stuff. Her web site even has instructions, with 27 8x10 glossy photographs, with circles and arrows, telling you just how to pack. I recommend her stuff.
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    I've been using the Top of the Line rack on the RT, which is identical to the one I run on my GS, but with an adapter for the stock rack. Robust and works well.

    Looks a lot like this:

    As you can see, it holds a lot of stuff:

    Really important stuff too:

    You can buy this rack at for $145.
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