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Thread: Rider Passenger Intercom

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    Rider Passenger Intercom

    Does anyone have any experience with rider to passenger wireless units? I have read about the Cardo Scala Teamset and have read some bad reviews, then I found the Blue Ant Interphone. Just wondering if anyone can shed some more light.

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    I wouldn't write off the Scala Rider. They keep introducing new models and improving. I have two of the early ones and they worked fine for me most of the time. I ended up going wired with Autocom only because bluetooth doesn't work for everything I want to do. Newest:
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    I know you asked about wireless. But Cathy and I are very satisfied with our N-Com wired intercoms. No delay, just sounds as if we are talking on the phone. Would purchase it again if we needed to. 1 wire that she plugs into my helmet and only one battery, not one in each helmet. And sound is really good, even at highway speeds with a K-RS and without our Aeroflow windshield

    Just my 2 cents.

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