As many have read already, Randy Owens(ME), Rob Nye and Jim Hansen have been putting together GS events, from riding the countryside on dirt byways to the motocross track play times(Thursday and Friday), on the rally site. A "GS Trials" event will be held on SATURDAY, mid morning, for a few hours(depending on numbers) and I wish for all of to bring your best dirt skills to this, for some good "competition" among riders. "Trials", means slow, technically challenging, obstacle course kind of riding on dirt/mud,soft stuff,etcetc.. Its a fun time to be had, for even those with less than perfect dirt skills. Just a need to have fun is all thats required. We will have safety guidelines of course, but nothing you don't know already. We have been doing this out west for years and years at the 49er Rally with great success and spectator/rider support and I hope to bring a show to the National crowd as well. All GS riders should have some interest and "maybe" even join in, for some good times. Not an experienced dirt rider, NO WORRIES, come let some of us seasoned GS riders help you learn(Thursday and Friday), at your pace on the track. We won't push you, but will give aide to your questions and even show you some tricks on dirt riding your GS. Its fun and we want nothing more than to bring our dirt world to all with "adventure" in their blood. I am 55 now and ride dirt today as since my youth and hope to until I can't get on the bike anymore. Maybe 80+, Wishful Think'in. Many will show up with much experience offroad and I wish for some good rider on rider, educational challenges, instructional help from many of those wishing to help ME. Please volunteer with us and we will have play time, too. The "Event" on Saturday morning will show who's who in our world and all riders of any level and willingness, will be welcome to give it a shot at GS Stardome. Awards? Yes! I'm working on it. LETS HEAR WHO's INTERESTED! I need some "juice" from you GS and spectator folks and I suspect there's plenty to go around! Be there, some of the BEST RIDERS will be, for sure. Randy"Polarbear"