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Thread: Pacific NW to Gillette Riders?

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    see you on the road

    I'm riding with my 12 yr old son pillion. From Vancouver we'll be taking the north Cascades over to Waterton-Glacier, then angle down to Gillette. We'll be taking the Beartooth on the way back. Although we're not looking to ride in a group, we'll be looking for other beemers at campgrounds and on the road - hope to see you!
    Cheers, Ed
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    Travel times on the Beartooth

    I am riding with a friend from Northern CA. We are trying to figure the travel time in days. We are looking to take 12 from Lewiston to Laurel and then down 212 to 296 and then on to Gillette. Can you tell us how many days to plan for this section?
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    I'll be camping west of the Beartooth Highway somewhere around Cooke City Thursday night and heading into Gillette Friday.

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