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    does any one know where I can get a list of venders that will be at the Rally? or does anyone know who goes to most Rallys? i.e. driving lights, exhaust systems etc. thanks for any info...
    We were told that the list would be out in May or June... I noticed that the list is out for the GWTA Rally in Billings the week before and many vendors have announced that they will be at Sturgis a week or so after the MOA. Rumor has it that a Metzler truck will be on hand and that Hannigan Motorsports will be in Gillette.

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    I see that the Rally vendors' list is now up (dated as of June 10)

    I note that Hannigan Motorsports is not listed though the company web site has listed the MOA rally as being on their schedule. I wonder why they aren't listed?
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    Can we expect an update to the vendors' list? Is Hannigan coming? Lighting suppliers/installers, other saddle builders, etc., etc.


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