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Thread: Accumulated Wisdom- MrsKbasa/Moderator, on the spot

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    Accumulated Wisdom- MrsKbasa/Moderator, on the spot

    So Tina, After a bit more than a year moderating this forum, do you have any clearly stated summaries about gear?

    What's Hot, what's not. For the Bike, for the Rider, for the Road?

    Spill, darling.

    Loyally yours,

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    Da Answer

    Let's see, no one knows all the answers, let alone me

    1. There is every kind of gear for every kind of rider.

    2. If you are a large man (muscular or not) gear is tough to find. But, someone on this forum will give you a hint, as someone has been in your situation.

    3. Women look terrible in men's gear. But, we manage to pass the hints on to new female riders.

    4. If you hate your seat, someone will make a new one you will like better or you will use sheepskin or a air/gel pad.

    5. No matter what you wear, it will be hot. You can always get warmer, but never cooler.

    6. No one every agrees about tires. It's a moving target to evaluate, because the manufacturer's are always coming up with new compounds.

    7. Windshields are a plenty, someone here can tell you how to find one for your bike if it doesn't have one you like.

    8. Electronics are fun: iPods, GPS, intercoms, CBs, cell phones, electric jackets, lights, alarms, radar detectors, and digital cameras have all been carried or connected to our bikes.

    9. If they don't sell it, someone will make one. And, if they sell it for too much, someone will make one. MacGyver has nothing on BMW riders.

    10. There is a wealth of knowledge in the heads of the people on this forum.

    Everything has been discussed at least twice, except fly fishing rods on the bike.
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    Re: Da Answer

    Originally posted by MrsKbasa

    Everything has been discussed at least twice, except fly fishing rods on the bike.
    We need to fix that - I carry a four-piece rod. Anyone care to discuss?

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    I have a 4 piece, and a 3 piece spinning rod that I carry. I am not into fly fishing, mainly because I have not had much exposure to it. I love to fish and combining it amd motorcycling is something I have done for quite a while.
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    Doesn't everyone?
    As part of my standard equipment on my touring bike is ultra light colapsable rod and small tackle box stuffed in the pocket of my fairing, with all the nice streams in my neck of the country wouldn't think to ride out for the day or longer, without them.


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