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Thread: Photo Assignment 05/30/08

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    Pond Waves


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    Yesterday, the Antelope Slot Canyon (upper). What a reflection that was!!!

    Be well... always.

    Ara & Spirit

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    For Garth

    Miss you, my friend

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    Me. In the Southern Adirondacks... On a 73 R75/5 Toaster... seen thru a box camera...

    Heading to the Adirondacks

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    Garnet Lake NY...


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    Before I begin, I would like to thank everyone once more for their congratulations on the birth of my second daughter, Mia. Your kind words are very much appreciated. At two weeks and two days I am thrilled to report she nearly slept through the entire night, and I have some energy to devote to other obligations‘«™

    Quote Originally Posted by kartcon View Post
    Kartoon joins us this week with a nice ‘«£double reflection‘«ō shot which finds art in the mundane. The background behind the TV looks a little cluttered, and I may have tried to include more of the TV itself, but the Corvette and it‘«÷s reflection off the floor (which is far too clean in my opinion) are very well framed inside the TV screen.

    Quote Originally Posted by Boxer View Post
    Boxer‘«÷s second post is a real winner in my opinion. Aptly named ‘«£The Magic Window‘«ō, the reflection in the panes nicely replaces the background of the barn ceiling. As is an issue with many reflection shots, choice of focal point could change the image quite a bit. I see the window as the subject, but the focal point draws my eye to the trees in the reflection. I would prefer to see more of the interesting detail in the wooden window and barn really stand out. Boxer‘«÷s section of perspective and framing are what really makes this shot.

    Quote Originally Posted by BONEY View Post
    Bony chimes in with an excellent reflection photo of what appears to be controls on a fire engine. Focus and exposure are spot on giving a clear and crisp view of the well-polished machine. I am a little distracted by the change in background to the right, but changing the angle to show only the controls might have compromised the perspective. This many reflections can be hard to manage, but Bony takes care not to show any recognizable image of the photographer.

    Quote Originally Posted by Voni View Post
    Voni takes some time from her epic sojourn to Alaska to post this unique rest-stop shot reminiscent of a classic movie travel sequence. Paul and the bikes are nicely positioned within the white spaces of the map (although the blue lines are a bit distracting), and the depth of field keeps the map in focus to tell the story.

    Quote Originally Posted by SheRidesABeemer View Post
    This is a nice image of Gail and her daughter [and her daughter] sharing their appreciation of photography. The lighting is warm and inviting, and I am a real sucker for candid photographs of photographers. Closing the aperture just a bit and using a slower shutter speed could have increased the depth of field to put her and her daughter into slightly better focus, but the even spacing of the ‘«£three‘«ō photographers and the rather consistent distance from her daughter to the window and from her to her daughter gives an excellent balance to this reflection shot.

    Quote Originally Posted by BeerTeam View Post
    BeerTeam weighs in again this week with a trio of excellent reflection images. While the others are beautiful, this signature mirror shot stands out to me. I may have preferred the mirror to be positioned a bit differently, but it is clear that he has made subtle compromises for the purpose of framing both the scene in the reflection and the scene in the background.

    Quote Originally Posted by jantarek View Post
    Jantarek joins us this week with a nice study in reflections. Although he admits there could be modifications, this shot shows interesting composition, color and style. I like his hand position in the way his fingers grip the sphere, and the position of the logo within the frame.

    Quote Originally Posted by PGlaves View Post
    Paul answers Voni with a near-professional quality photo. This is an excellent example of choice in location and in subject matter really making the difference. The tree in the foreground breaks up the reflection of the mountain in the pond, and I am curious to know what effect a little zoom would give, but overall a magnificent scene! I can almost feel the cool clean mountain air.

    Quote Originally Posted by rocketman View Post
    Rocketman joins us again this week for another trio of thoughtful images, but this solitary goose gives such a quiet feeling of serenity. The relatively low light for such a high zoom may have caused a slight blur, but it looks like the VR may have kicked in to lend a hand. Nice balance of subject and reflection.

    Quote Originally Posted by Beemerchef View Post
    Of Beemerchef‘«÷s two images, this one is outstanding. His choice to expose to the beautiful canyon walls makes the light seem as if it is burning its way through the ceiling, and the dust in the air only helps to accentuate the sun-beam. Although this appears to have been cropped and, if so, would not conform to the rules of the assignment, this image is near to perfection.

    Quote Originally Posted by lorazepam View Post
    This sentimental reflection from Lorazepam embraces the assignment of both levels. We see the appreciation of life‘«÷s joys while reflecting on a lost companion. Where this image could benefit from a slight change in angle to give the tank a more unique perspective, it more than makes up for it in sentimental impact. Thank you for sharing this with us.

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    Honorable Mentions

    Quote Originally Posted by bmwdean View Post
    Although taken outside the timeframe of the photo assignment, Bmwdean shared this wonderful motorcycle reflection shot. The double reflection works very well here to feature both bikes, and the perspective gives an interesting dimension to the foreground tank. A greater depth of field here may add more interest to all three primary reflections, but the blur almost serves to further blend the chrome and color into a beautiful BMW collage.

    Quote Originally Posted by grafikfeat View Post
    Grafikfeat shared some interesting photos which are also outside the timeframe. This one appears to have been slightly retouched as well. With just enough helmet and the other rider in perfect position, this is one of the best helmet portraits I have seen.

    Quote Originally Posted by grafikfeat View Post
    Also outside the timeframe, this is another great early fall reflection shot merits inclusion. Aside from the vivid colors, I particularly like the morning mist dancing across the water.

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    Nicely done, Alex.


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    Wow! Once more!

    Masterful descriptions that bring out so much more than I can ever see in the submissions. I learn so much from each of these assignments.

    Thanks for sharing your talents with us all.

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    Wow‘«ŲI've really been out of the loop. Just got back into town.

    Very nice assignment Alex. Loved your feedback. I also really admire the photography. Some really nice stuff this time around.

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    Took this one today, thought I'd share.

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