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Thread: Seeing how far one could go up Pikes Peak today.....

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    Seeing how far one could go up Pikes Peak today.....

    I rode up Pikes Peak today, having been told that only 15 of the 19 miles to the top were open. Was surprised to find the way open past Mile Marker 15, but snow and ice stopped me just past mile marker 16. Cars were continuing onwards though so I think it was open all the way.

    Oh well, the way will be open for my large motorcycle soon the meantime, some shots I took on the way up and down.

    The stuff up ahead on the pic below is what stopped my upward riding...

    On the way down:

    A different angle on same snowbank above:

    Other pics and larger versions in blog:

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    Nice pictures. Looks like a fun ride. Thanks for sharing.

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    Man-O-Man I can't wait to ride the GS up that thing on the way to Gillette!
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