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Thread: Oxygen vs Nitrogen

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    Re: AIR (compressed AIR )

    Originally posted by motofranz
    I think Tire Discounters is starting this nitrogen thing as a sales gimmick.

    Actually, using nitrogen in tires comes from the aviation industry...

    Plain old compressed air contains oxygen and other elements which can promote corrosion on the inside of the aircraft wheels, which could lead to failure of the wheel. Pure nitrogen does not corrode the expensive alloy wheels, thus improving safety and saving money on maintenance.

    I don't know if there's any real benefit to using the stuff in motorcycle tires. I think it's probably more important to insure you have the proper inflation pressures in your tires than to worry about what's used to inflate them.

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    Re: Hey Cliffy

    Originally posted by lorazepam
    Ich benutze Babel Fisch??bersetzer, bin, der oder die reale Sache verwelkt?
    LOL But can you translate what you wrote with Bablefish?

    It comes out all distorted.


    PS how does this kill the thread?

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    Oh I can kill a thread in the clubhouse no problem. You will see...
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