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    How do I change the time on web site? When I am on the time of the site is off (it is displaying all post times in GMT-4 and where I live it is GMT-6(MDT) or GMT-7 (MST).) At 2200 posts left earlier the same day are saying they are yesterday, posts after 2200 are saying next day.
    In other forms time displays at bottom of page and must be set in profile.(also puts posting times in local time. (does not usually adjust for DST) In profile on MOA site there is no local time setting. So my real question is how do I get time to display in local time and in 24hr format?

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    click UserCP in the menu above, then choose "Edit Options" in the left-side menu.

    the pull-down menu for setting the time is about halfway down the page.

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    Thanks It worked thopught I was there before bujt I missed the time area.

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