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Thread: Post photos of your vintage (pre-1970) BMW motorcycle

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    1966 r 50/2

    This is an original survivor. The sheet metal is original paint but I had to repaint the frame as there was to much paint damage and I wanted to ensure its continued preservation.
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    Reunion time

    I brought them home as a precaution before IAN hit SWFL. I will reluctantly deliver them for the display after a quick trip out West. Soon to come will be a Renne Sport replica, police White R 50/2 and a Granada Red R 60US. I must not leave out the Rat Ride either, it is a true abomination.
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    This one moved to the front of the line

    I saw a nicely done Rennesport Replica at the Bloomsburg National Rally 11 or so years back and wanted to try my hand at one ever since. I began in earnest about 3 months ago shortly after getting a spare R 50/2 motor. It's time to make fender brackets and get the fender and seat mounting squared away so I can get some paint on body work. Clip-ons, shift & brake linkage will be done locally.
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    Rennesport Replica progress

    Still have a lot to do, hope to get this wrapped up in a month or so.
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    Some progress!

    Maybe plywood and PVC schedule 40 PVC will not work but it does help with visual and clearance concerns.
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    Some progress

    The ever changing work schedule and other distractions slowed down the Rennesport Replica project but I still get to it as much as I can.
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    My new to my R51/3. Not a show queen but its a survivor with some cool history. Loving it!


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    New here, looking for help from experienced vintage owners

    My new love, an inherited1959 R50!

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