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Thread: Post photos of your vintage (pre-1970) BMW motorcycle

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    Early 60's /2 Bobber

    Picture 3703.jpg
    Built by Fred Bradley and on display at this years Ram's Rally.

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    Front seat

    Good Morning, could you please tell me if the driver seat is a Corbin? If so their website says it fits the bike with the larger fuel tank, the one with the glove box on top. Tim

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    If your talking about the /2 Bobber, just got to talking to one of the guys that that knows the bike. No it's not a Corbin. He says it's some type of Denfield/Pegusa covered in leather. That's what I know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rpeckham136133 View Post
    This is my 1966 R50/2.....glamour shot!
    Could you please tell me what brand seat this is? If it's a Corbin they claim they only make this style to fit with the larger of the two tanks that were available for that model. The smaller tank had the glove compartment on the side as yours does--according to them, the larger tank had the glove compartment on top. Tim

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    Dougfur -

    Welcome to the forum! The picture you're referring to is from this post:

    Unfortunately, that member hasn't been on the forum in nearly 3 years, so I suspect he will unlikely see this.

    But I have seen this Corbin seat on other /2s with the small tank as you suggest. It fits, there is a gap from the front of the seat to the tank and the nose of the seat sits up a bit. I understand from another forum that Corbin did some extra work for him to shave the nose a bit to lessen that effect. So, it can fit as is...if you like the look.
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    photo of my 1967 R60/2

    I just bought this fine example of a well kept 50 year old classic, runs like a jeweled watch. Tim
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    Nice looking '67

    I have one, however, it's in a few pieces and time keep interfering
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    I guess they're never done

    Added the period correct air filter and tail light.
    Looked high and low for that air filter housing, was found by my friend nearby his home in Munich.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vechbmw View Post
    Here is an update of where things now stand. I have temporarily mocked things up in the frame to insure everything fit and worked. (Yes, this means both major components will have to be removed from the frame, again) I wrapped rags around the painted parts of the frame, to protect it from damage if I slipped, or bumped the frame, while installing the engine and gearbox.
    This view is of the bike's left side. The pin stripes are finished on the frame. The new Whittkopp leather saddle is mounted. Likewise the bottom end of the engine is finished, and the big nickel plated flywheel is on the engine. The large hole at the top of the case, is for the magneto, which I still do not have. But I have found one in Germany and it is on it's way!!!!!
    The foot operated clutch pedal and rod is visible, along with the external, open gear, kick start lever and clutch actuation bridge on the side of the two speed gearbox. Yes, it has an open primary chain that drives the two speed gearbox. The chain guard has not been fitted yet. The hand gearshift, (which passes through the gas tank) is mounted also. The lower end of the vertical gear shift rod, pivots in a bushing that is in the engine case. The cable that runs into the engine comes from the decompression lever on the handle bar. When you squeeze the lever, the cable pulls a free floating set of cam lobes, (which are slightly taller than the actual cam lobes) to lift both exhaust valves. Since there are NO WIRES or electrical system on this machine, the only way one can shut the engine down, is to hold open the exhaust valves, causing a loss of compression, making the engine quit.
    Attachment 57555

    This view is of the bikes right side. The drive pulley/clutch drum, with the brake brand, cable post, and attachment linkage, all hand made, (the brake was missing from the bike) is visible.
    Attachment 57554

    Yep, on weekends, some people watch TV, sleep, go shopping, but I work on my own motorcycles!
    Looking good. Any more progress over the winter months?

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