ditto on the results of YOU and your bike getting passed this deer!

I have often thot that we need more people out on the roads. Deer and Cattle don't fear cars or trucks or buses... but when a motorcyclists comes riding by with MAN upon it then they panic and run into, over or around us!

Last year coming home from California I took some back roads instead of I-70 in Colorado. First thing I see is a truck waving a red bandana... then around the corner. Cattle. Cars and SUVs are stopped waiting for the cowboys to drive the animals. Sheriff of the local county had his lights on.

Cattle looked at ME with that startled look and white of their eyeballs.. Cowboys didn't like the idea that I was there either. hmmmm I didn't like the idea also, heh.

Finally was able to get moving again! So is there some sort of employment for us to ride around and scare these critters off the roads?

tim lindstrom
95 k1100RS
columbia heights, mn