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Thread: Killed a deer today.

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    Killed a deer today.

    Well, actually, it was "dispatched" by a DEP Policeman shortly after I ran into it.

    I live in deer country. There are deer everywhere, it is not uncommon to see a herd of twenty or so grazing in a field. I'm usually pretty good about spotting them, but this one made it through my radar.

    I am about five miles from Rte 28a which runs along one of the reservoirs that satisfies the thirst of NYC. Weekdays there is not a lot of traffic and it is a fun road. I have a twenty mile loop that I ride regularly, usually takes me about 30 minutes.

    Today, about 1:00 PM it finally happened. This one appeared out of nowhere. I caught the movement coming from my right and braked as hard as I could.

    I usually slow down for the straight sections, no sense getting a speeding ticket for a straightaway. I was probably doing about 45 (posted 35) and scrubbed off another 10 mph pretty quickly. I expect the ABS had a lot to do with my staying upright.

    I "T" boned the deer in the hind quarter. It bounced off my front wheel and on to the left side of the road where it collapsed. I saw a big chunk of something obviously from my motorcycle go flying across the road after the deer. I continued riding forward for about an eighth of a mile while processing what had just happened.

    I turned around and stopped across from where the deer was laying in the grass. The chunk that went flying was the front section of my front fender. Thankfully, that was all the damage to the motorcycle. The deer was unable to walk, it's rear legs were not working.

    There is a police station close by, so I went over and let them know what happened. I got the feeling from the Policeman that this sort of thing happened all the time. He said they would send someone over to dispatch the deer.

    I was very lucky to be able to ride away from this one, the circumstances, and outcome, could easily have been very different.
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