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Thread: Removing a /6 air cleaner???

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    Unhappy Removing a /6 air cleaner???

    Thanks to Kent for pointing out where the choke lever is supposed to be...but this project is missing that piece. So I removed a long screw on the left side of the air cleaner and it seemed to loosen up, but it still doesn't seem to want to come off. Is there something else I need to undo to get the air cleaner cover off?

    I guess it's obvious that I have only owned newer airheads...

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    One bolt down...

    and several screw clamps to go.

    To get at the air filter you have to remove the carbs. Do this by loosening the hose clamps securing the black snorkles to the carbs and the set holding the short lengths of tube running from carb to cylinder. I usually pull at the carb/snorkle (funny word isn't it?) joint to break the assembly apart. hang the carb from a bungie or something so you don't stress the throttle cable too much. There is a left and right side cover, the left should slide out, the right has a bolt, spring clip and the crankcase breather tube to hold it in place.

    When you put it back together use the holes in the cover to "tickle" the bolt back into place, and be really careful about not crimping the snorkle tubes while trying to pop the carbs back on.


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    Removing air box

    O.K. remove the intake tubes. I find it easier to remove and install the carbs and tubes togehter. Loosen all the ribbon clamps and wiggle them off as a whole. Put 'em back on the same way. If the long screw is removed, go to the left side. Put your index and middle finger in the hole for the intake tube, and get a grip. Pull the housing half straight out. There is a spring tang that holds the bottom of the air box and a screw and flat retainer that holds the bottom front corner. This screw is not normally found to be terribly tight. You might have to wiggle the housing half a little to gain a bit of space between the halfs. It takes a great deal of effort to remove the part. Go to the left side first because there is a breather hose fed through a structure on the other side. You should not find it necessary to remove the right side half of the airbox for any kind of service being performed inside there.

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    Both carbs are off the engine at this point because I am installing the originals and taking off some Mikuni's. So is the left side the first to come off? And should I just try a little harder since I have the long screw out?

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    Uhhh...I must have been writing at the same time as woodnsteel...thanks for the further explanation, I'll just have to eat some spinach and try again tonight.

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    Right, your'e almost there. Grip it like I said earlier and pull straight out sideways. Use a rubber mallet to tap on the housing while pulling sideways. Be careful not to pull the bike over on you and take your time. once you see the halves seperating just take it easy and stick with it.

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    Oh, by the way, grip it with your fingers inside pointing down toward the transmission. You'll apply more effort to the cover where it is being held by gripping it that way.

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