Gail, from the other side of our capital building

This was Thanksgiving morning 2010. I'd put the turkey in the smoker and geared up for a ride around town. Was a great morning for it. Traffic was almost nil. I pulled up onto the sidewalk and parked. State street was empty as I crossed. But as I turned around, fumbling to get my phone out of my pocket to snap the picture, here comes a city police car, who stopped about 15' to my left. I expected him to tell me to move it. Instead he just smiled and waved and mouthed "Go ahead, I'll wait." And he stopped other cars coming as I snapped a couple pix. The whole thing probably took 30 seconds.

If you ever want a tour of the inside when you're up around here during the work week, drop me a note. My office is on the 2nd floor off to the left!