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Thread: Vintage Sighting

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    Vintage Sighting

    Well I happen to find this in Sandpoint Idaho on May 17th. It was the only vintage ride among the tricked out cars and trucks.


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    Interesting indeed! Looks like a mid to late 60s R69S motor in a '53 or '54 R51/3 or R67/3 plunger frame. I say that based on the combination of pieces like the fenders (not from an R68), the rubber gaiters on the forks, the "half width" hubs and the cigar style mufflers.

    That's a /3 transmission, but a /2 tail light. The handlebars are not stock, and the clutch lever perch appears to be a later /2 style. The bench seat may be a period aftermaket item.
    --Darryl Richman, forum liaison

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