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Thread: K75S Barn Find

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    K75S Barn Find

    Well, not really a barn find, more of a garage find. 3 miles from my hse no less.
    Red, 1992 K75S with 3600 indicated miles, not yet documented by paperwork. Second owner. First owner had the bike for 600 miles.
    Have not yet heard it run, that's tomorrow evening. I was thinking at first it could be 130,000, but there are odometer spaces for the 100,000 digit. [I'm more used to the old stuff without a space for the extra digit]
    Owner says he changed fluids yearly, including brake fluid, which does look clean, as does the oil. Says he rides it a few times each summer. Currently tagged.
    Bike is very "scuzzy" but most crud appears from sitting, prob. inside [no rust] but without a cover. One very thin scratch along the very top edge of left side fairing. Reportedly side stand sunk in, no other body issues. Fairing looks straight and centered.
    Can't believe the guy did not at least hose it off.
    $2950 OBO.
    How can I not buy it? Thats what I'm telling my wonderful wife anyway.
    Question is, what parts would degade from years, not use.
    I have replaced a breather hose on left rear of crankcase on my '92 K75RT, which appears to be a common age related replacement. My RT, [39,000 mi] prob has orig. rad. hoses etc.. which appear fine.
    Anything to look for, other than a full fluids change? And probably tires. Thanks, rj

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    Dump the fuel( safely), change fuel filter,check fuel pump support for disintigration and inside fuel tank condition.
    Fuse contacts for green goo.
    All fluids, replace!!
    Comp test,then new plugs
    Throtle cable bind.
    Repace the tires,ask here for sugested replacments.(I like Kedra cheep & last long time.)
    Spine lube
    Clutch cable examin closly
    Battery load test (delco load sequence)
    check brake shoe pucks

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    Dump the oil and filter, and stick in cheap oil to do an initial flush. Engine, tranny and gear. Once you run it through for a 50 miles ride or so, then you can dump it again and stick in the good stuff.

    Dump the fuel, clean the tank and put in fresh fuel and filter. Add a bit of Techron.

    Bleed the brakes thoroughly and check pads.

    Get the battery tested, if its good...charge it. If not Wally's world will provide you a decent replacement.

    Check the rear splines.

    Check the radiator fan spins freely.

    Check cables for issues.

    All of the above needs to be done, BEFORE you ride off down the street.

    Low mileage bikes worry me more than higher mileage bikes, not necessarily because of speedo issues, but lack of use. Classic K are in their best mechanical shape when they're ridden frequently. $2500 is what I'd give considering the work you're getting yourself into...and the parts replacements you will probably be facing. For an extra $1000 you'd get a known quantity-a running K.
    93 K75s

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    Check for the usual O ring leak on the output shaft while doing the spline lube (I'd just replace it.. you're most of the way there..)

    Check for intake leaks around the rubber spiggots that hold the TB's to the head. Clean and replace O rings on the TB big-brass-screws

    Ride it and report back..
    Don Eilenberger
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    Well, seems the owner has done some reg. maint.and it has at least been ridden, just not much.
    I forgot to mention, comes w/a Corbin seat, a low seat [installed], and the orig. seat. with the sidecovers.
    I have a set of Michelin tires w/only about 250 miles on them to lever on, and I'll do the splines, final drive and trans. when it's on the lift for that.
    But I think first thing is a good scrubbing and wax job for inspirational reasons. Plus gives a chance to look things over real well.
    Ever since I sold my blue, 92 S to my neighbor to finance the acquistion of the RT, I knew I "needed" another "S". I was actually talking to my neighbor about trading the RT to get the S back. I just rode the RT to work yesterday as it was a little cool, and thought, I can't get rid of the RT, It's jut too nice. That night my neighbor calls me to let me know about the S he saw on his way home from work. It's like divine intervention. And it further confirms my "M.B.D." [multiple bike disorder] rj

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    Clean all electrical connections and use dilectic grease when reconnecting. Check the rubber boot that covers the clutch arm connecting rod. Easy enough when you do clutch spline lube.

    If you do the work yourself, you probably won't be out a lot of money, but a lot of time. But that's fun, if you like it.

    Ralph Sims

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    Barn Find

    My barn find (literally) last year was an '87 K75S parked from 1990 to 2007 with gas in the tank without being started. Needless to say, the fuel system required major work beginning with a careful tank cleaning, repair of a tiny pinhole leak on the left side, replacement of the fuel pump, vibration damper, fuel filter, fuel level float, all lines, fuel rail and injector nozzles. Battery (Wal*Mart), radiator fan assembly, Dunlop tires, all fluids, fork oil change and filters. Rear brake fluid reservoir was shot as was rear MC - found good replacement on eBay - lots of stuff there. Steering head lube. The brake lines were visibly good. New seat cover. Total cost was about $1K as I had to go with mostly new parts.
    DrPaul - 2008 K1200GT, 1973 R75/5
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    2002 R1150RT - sold,1987 K75S - sold

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrPaul View Post

    Battery (Wal*Mart)
    Which one was that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kayseventyfive View Post
    Which one was that?
    Don't remember the part # and bike has been sold but it was the one in their book for the K75.
    DrPaul - 2008 K1200GT, 1973 R75/5
    2004 R1150RT - sold,1974 R90/6 - sold
    2002 R1150RT - sold,1987 K75S - sold

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