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Thread: Small Bag On Handlebars

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    Small Bag On Handlebars

    Does anyone know if anyone makes a small bag or case that I could mount to my handlebars between the mounting lugs? It would be great to have a place to store sunglasses, or my regular glasses when I wear my sunglasses, and maybe my garage door opener.

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    I have one of these.

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    i use the Wunderlich version of this on my HP2 and really like it.

    in addition to glasses, camera, small stuff, it holds pens, business cards and has a secret stash compartment.

    i am not super nuts about the way it attaches.... two velcro strips on the bottom are good, but the upper part uses rope which over the years my wear out and have to be replaced... but it makes efficient use of space, doesn't block the instruments, and keeps things very handy.

    Your handlebars cannot have a cross-bar if you want to use one of these. The Kathy's alternative is the way to go, if this is the case.

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