Traveled down to The World Golf Village in St Augustine, FL Sat. The Ride into History featured competition motorcycles this year. Mert Lawmill was on hand to sign T shirts and posters. Many marques were on exhibit and all could be closely examined & photographed. The proud owners of these fine antiques answered endless questions about the motorcycles being displayed providing technical and historical information to all. There was a new BMW HP2 behind some of the other BMW motorcycles that really caught my eye. On close examination the frayed plastic head guards on both sides of the HP2 showed just how far the bike was leaned over in competition. The skill and courage of professional riders never ceases to amaze me. Along with the BSA's, Aprilla's, Triumph's, Ducati's, Bultaco's, Honda's, BMW's, Sach's, WWII Zundapp, Ariel Square 4, and HRD Vincent, I even came across a 1966 305cc Honda Dream in excellant condition. The significance of this bike being it was my first motorcycle bought back in 1968 when stationed at Moffett Field, CA. Next years date for The Ride into History is 16 May and American motorcycles will be featured. Proceeds from this annual event benefit Breast Cancer Research so you not only get to view rare and historic motorcycles but contribute to a worthy cause. The road running East from the Golf Village over to Rt 1 is tree lined and well maintained providing a break from the rush of I-95 and easy access to other less traveled roads that branch off of Rt 1.