I am taking my wife, Karen and her Dad, Ken to California. So this trip is in a car. We left Minnesota last Saturday and took some backroads thru Iowa and Nebraska. Lots of Harleys with a few Beemers around Northeastern Iowa.
Monday we left Denver, watching the traffic come around me and noticed a GS rider. Watched the Beemer go and figured Maybe we would see him again.

Stopped for fuel and yep there he was. Suiting up. Walked over and asked how was the ride.
" Cold in the pass." He pointed back at the snow packed peaks.
"What do you ride?" He asked.
It took me some seconds to remember that I had my T shirt, " Still plays with Motorcycles" on.
"K1100RS." I said.
"Nothing beats Electric Heat!" He exclaimed.
"Yeah, I agree, made my own but the beemer at the time was an R65."
"R65?" He cracked up laughing, " No extra amps for anything on that machine, this bike has a 60amp alternator! I have all sorts of electronics and the machine will handle most of it!"
" Where are you heading?" I ask
"Alaska" He mentioned taking this route (I-70) or going thru Salt Lake City. However he figured hwy 50 would be nice for cruising.
"Have a friend in Oregon, we are going to a rally just for the weekend... not really looking forward to the long ride...."
"Yup, but that is what these bikes are for!" I exclaimed
My wife and father in law had come back to the car.
"Have a great trip!" I said
"Thanks for talking!"
Cool, well plans for me this year is 1 week of vacation for cage drivin' and 2+ for riding! Even IF/when the prices are close to 4+ per gallon!

tim Lindstrom,
k1100RS resting at home.
in dove creek, colorado for now.