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Thread: Mt St Helens Anniversary

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    Mt St Helens Anniversary

    It's hard to believe that 29 years ago Mt. St. Helens errupted. I took a ride there today to capture the power of nature to heal itself as well as man's ability to rebuild out of disaster. It was an unbelieveably beautiful day at 84 degrees. The air was crystal clear as my friend & I pulled over on the road's shoulder for another "Kodak" moment. I think you'll like the results. We rode 254 miles today and after two mounains in two states on back to back days I'm pooped, but smiling.

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    Freinds & I were coming back to Seattle from Sun Valley and got stuck in Yakima overnight the day it erupted. Very surreal! Completely dark, hot and humid. Ash was falling like a heavy snowfall. Destroyed the rental car we were in.

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    You got a better day for it than I did in April. Nice shots.

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    Really nice images, Bob! Thanks!

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    Here, watch it live and commercial free!!

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