fellow parisian BMW enthusiasts,

paris is larger than i originally thought, and this required me to return and examine a few other arondissiments (translation: 'hoods) and assess their beemerness. for your inspection i present the results of my efforts...

this is one of my favorite things to see. lots of cute little scooters and other bikes, and then a big burly BMW.

being able to just park on the sidewalk makes having a bike in a big city a slam dunk.

they last forever!

this is one where guessing the location is easy.

notice that in the background you can see the name of the brasserie which proves that french is not a difficult language to learn. you just put "le" in front of english words, and whammo, you're speaking french!

another easy location to guess.

parked outside one of the many gardens. when i visit paris and walk through these big parks with all the flowers, right in the city, i marvel at the brains it took to say, "hey, let's leave a few places unpaved, even though we can't charge the flowers rent."

i'm sorry, but the things in this billboard look like relatives of mr. hankey!

another easy one to get. i love the leather covers that i often see over the tanks.