Finally, Winter has lost its grip on the Pacific Northwest. The last three days have seen record high temperatures in Oregon & I just happen to have 5 days off in a row. : My first mission was to head as far away from the coast as possible. You see, the tourists will be flocking there in herds. Instead, I headed to the mountains, in particular, Mt hood. Because of all the passes I crossed to get there the temperature varied greatly, from a low of 59 to a high of 82. I wore my Joe rocket Phoenix jacket and did get a chill at 59 degrees. I made it all the way to the top of Mt. Hood at Timberline Lodge. Again, tourists abounded so I did a U-turn in the parking lot and headed back down the mountain. Mt. Hood was beautifully capped in snow along with the clearest blue skies I've seen in over 6 months. Today Mt. Hood, tomorrow, Mt. St. Helen.