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Thread: I'm riding to N.C.

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    I'm riding to N.C.

    I'm riding down to the Dragon/national park/Cherohala area. I'm considering staying here:

    Anyone stayed there?

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    friends have stayed there. most camped, some stayed in cabins. They had no complaints.
    Another place to consider that I have used many times.
    a variety of accommodations, great facility and food.
    friendly people
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    two-wheel inn would be great. You get your private garage for your bik, but I couldn't get a room.

    The Microtel in Robbinsville seems popular. I stayed at the motel next door. Cheaper but not as nice. Very nice proprieter. Told me to pull the bike up on the sidewalk outside the room, to get it under the overhang, to keep it out of the rain. San-Ran motel.

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    I've stayed at the IronHorse also, its one of the nicest camps around; clean, well maintained, good food, and only $15.00 if I remember right. I'm planning on going back in June, and using it for 2-3 nights and ride loops around that area.
    Good luck, and stay safe.

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    Fontana Village history

    Fontana Village is the site of the infamous BMWRA rally of about 10 yrs. ago.The sheriff decided that having 3 or 4000 motorcyclists in his territory was grounds for a little Southern fun.

    First he pulled the beer permit at the last minute.Then came 3 days for police harrassment,the likes of which I've never seen.(and I was born and live here!)

    Patrol cars roamed throughout the rally site at all hours.Full body searches of many bikes and riders.The most outrageous intrusion was the fly over by a police helicopter with music from Cops("Bad Boys,Bad Boys,What You Gonna Do.......").It was truly a police state.It was one of the most amazing things I've ever witnessed.

    My recollection was that eventually the sheriff committed suicide.

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    The other suggestion in Robbinsville is the Phillips motel. It is a little mom and pop, cheap, very clean and very well appointed rooms, but like all 50's era motels a little smaller that the newer hotels.

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