Anatomy of a rear ender:

I'm on my way home from work, exiting the BRP; it's set up like a freeway ramp, but with a stop before you merge into traffic. I'm behind a group of about six tourists on Harleys. Behind me is a Toyota driven by a lady I'm about to make an acquaintance with.

The last Harley in the group is near the left of the lane, so I fall in on the far right. The lead bike in the group sees a break in the traffic and heads out. By the time the guy on the tail end of the group takes off he's pretty much pulling out in front of a car. I'm thinking, "dumb group think...I'll wait for the next break in the traffic". Uh-huh.

Meanwhile, the lady in the Toyota saw the pack pull out and now she is looking over her left shoulder getting ready to make her move. She lets her Toyota move forward, still looking over her shoulder.

Her right front bumper contacts my left hard case and the bike flops to the pavement. I land on my feet flabbergasted that she just rolled into me.

I said to her, when she rolls her window down, "How could you do that ?!? How could you hit me when I was right in front of you ?!?"

She said, "I thought you'd gone".

Now I'm thinking, Never Compromise Your Lane Position. But the truth is, I probably could have been in a Hummer and she still would have made contact.

Damage: broken mounts on the left hard case. Shattered left side panel from the case being driven forward into it. Cracked right mirror with a nice scuff on the mirror housing. Scuff on the right side hard case. Scratch on the engine crash bar (!).

Cop did not ticket her, but noted in the report that she was "following to close". I'll call her insurance agent on Monday.

I share this both to tantalize those of you with a morbid curiosity and also to solicit any thoughts on avoidance of such incidents.