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Thread: Hot Weather Gear What Do You Wear

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    Over 80, it's gotta be mesh for me.
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    Mesh around town, but not on a road trip, for reasons already stated. The feeling of comfort can be deceptive while the hot wind sucks the moisture out of you. One 106F. day in eastern Colorado I drained a 3-liter backpack bladder twice in 200 miles, and was still dehydrated. Better to cover up, open the vents and soak your t-shirt.

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    this is a timely question as it's going to be 95 today and 98 tomorrow...

    when i ride in the heat i wear:

    upper: coolmax tshirt, first gear Kilimanjaro II jacket, all vents open.
    lower: cycling shorts and olympia mesh riding pants
    hands: first gear mesh gloves
    feet: wicking socks and oxtar boots.
    head: flip face helmet - a freakin life saver in any situation where i slow/stop moving - i open it up and it feels soooooo good. (note: wear sunscreen or you will fry your nose!)

    i ride an r1150ra, so i get lots of airflow.

    the key to riding in heat is to also remember to drink a lot of fluids! the temptation is to not do this to avoid having to stop and pee all the time. don't fall for it - you'll dehydrate quickly and fatigue. then you'll start making bad decisions.

    when i ride in heat i really like my tiny, short range fuel tank. it forces me to stop often and each time i do, i drink some water. this is my first summer with a flip face helmet too, so i am looking forward to being able to (easily) drink while riding.

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    It hit 113 in Yuma yesterday. Heidi and I returned from Rawhyde Adventures in 100+ heat all day.

    First Gear Ranier Jacket, Darian Pants, Sidi boots, T-shirt, mesh shorts, Camelback with ICE and WATER. We made one fuel stop, for Heidi's 650. I think my GSA would have made it without a fuel stop, but I would not have done as well. Nice to stop and fill the camel back with more ice.

    Just a warm up ride for the comming summer. For the past 5 years, I have worn a Darian jacket. The First Gear jacket was new in Oct. We also have a couple of cool vests that come in handy. Didn't take them for the weekend. Should have. Will not make that mistake again this summer. Can always pack it if not required.


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    I wear a BMW Air Flow Helmet (bought in the UK, not sold in US) which allows more than enough air over the head, it is an open face but beats anything I have seen in the US. It gets hot and humid here in Friendswood, Tx., I also wear a Vanson mess jacket (black) Hot when I stop but allows enough air to keep me cool yet protected if I drop the bike (which I pray does not happen).
    Can someone tell me how to post a new question (first time user)

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    I'm very comfortable in my RevIt Air jacket and RevIt Mistral pants.

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    To mesh or not to mesh, that is the question

    I find that in humid heat, mesh is a must even for long rides. Two days ago I rode home from eastern Oklahoma to the Dallas area. 4.5 Hours on the road, mostly in 90-96F. I was miserable in my new Olympia Recon jacket (even with all the vents open and the cuffs loose instead of inside the gauntlets) and Maverick pants. Mesh is warm too, but moisture doesn't build up underneath and what little evaporation is possible in humid climes (slim to none in my experience) has a chance to work.
    I wear a mesh suit (Cortech jacket/Marsee pants) in summer but what goes with it has undergone some tweaking over the years. Sometimes I'll wear synthetic shorts/T underneath, but on the trip to West Bend I found that a long-sleeve wicking shirt was an improvement, and one reason was that the silky-textured nylon fabric that lines the sleeves of the jacket no longer stuck to my sweaty skin. Also, the shirt improved the evaporation over what I had experienced with the synthetic T before. The downside was that things got considerably warmer during stops, but I lived with it- after all, either way I was in for sweaty days.
    I did not replace the shorts with long wicking underwear though because the airflow around my legs was significantly less than around my upper half, even though I rode an unfaired bike. I tried long stuff on both halves in test-rides early in the summer to figure this out.
    Mesh gloves have been a great improvement too, especially if they are NOT black.
    Good moisture-wicking socks have made my Prexport boots bearable in summer. I typically wear some summer-hiking Ultimax socks I got from REI.
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    Hot Weather Attire...

    I rode 10,000+ miles last summer 2-up and went through all kinds of weather. My wife and I wore Olympias Hi-Viz armored summer Jackets, that had all kinds of vents: chest, arms, back. The inner liner was removed. When it rained in cooler climates then the liner was added. Should it rain in hotter climates then the jacket was used as is: getting wet....eventually riding out of the rain will quickly dry the suit. We do carry cool-max vests but haven't found the need to use it yet. While on the "move" hot weather doesn't seem to bother us too much. The winds while riding pretty much remove standing heat, although we do stop and replendish ourselves with liquids as others said rapid dehydration occurs while riding. We do not ride in "open" mesh even though it is armored. Too much sun exposure and moisture loss. Rode through 110 heat desert on the way to Big Bend Natn'l Park. It was hot and dry but bearable.
    Our slacks were armoured BMW summer pants. I also ride in a BMW Rallye Pro2 Jacket when I ride to both extremes; North and South. I find the all around seasonal Jacket excellent in multiseason purpose, but the liner, although water resistant is very poor in insulating the cold. I double up using the Olympia liner or Gerbings heated full neck liner jacket. Ventilation flow through is excellent with the Rallye Pro2. YOU must open the rear, which most people order to have a great flow through. In regard to head gear: All full face helmets were designed pretty much for NO windshield or minimal windshield thus the vents on the helmets. With a motorcycle windshield almost all full face helmets are useless for ventilation due to blockage of the wind in your face by the windshield. Any BMW motorcycle that has the electronic adjustable windshield is a GREAT way to have more wind blast to your helmet and cool your hot head! We rode in a R1200 RT.....
    Good luck and improvise...stop and off in the shade....leave at cooler hours....ride in the rain....

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldRed View Post
    I'm close to getting the Kevlar Mesh
    Happy with mine.

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    Some of you will no doubt think this is a stupid question but ... What do you wear under mesh pants????
    One word sums it up....Commando

    Actually, after sweating my way home through Iowa and NE last year I'm looking for a better solution and am looking seriously at the Olympia Recon 2 mesh pants.
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    Over in ADVrider some have mentioned LD Comfort underwear. Does anyone know where to obtain these? For me comfort has a lot to do with managing the jewels properly... even to the extent of paying attention to location of seams in underwear.

    '11 GS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob1100RTC View Post
    Jeans and a T shirt
    and sneekers......


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    Quote Originally Posted by sonic578 View Post
    Over in ADVrider some have mentioned LD Comfort underwear. Does anyone know where to obtain these? For me comfort has a lot to do with managing the jewels properly... even to the extent of paying attention to location of seams in underwear.
    Hmmmm....stange place to keep you "jewels"

    The shorts you may have heard about are the LD Comfort shorts.

    I know Grass Roots BMW distributes them, as well as several other dealers.

    Good luck with that!
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    Quote Originally Posted by k75karol View Post
    Hmmmm....stange place to keep you "jewels"

    The shorts you may have heard about are the LD Comfort shorts.

    I know Grass Roots BMW distributes them, as well as several other dealers.

    Good luck with that!

    Thanks. Order placed for shirt and shorts. We're looking fwd to comfort riding!
    '11 GS

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