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Thread: Hot Weather Gear What Do You Wear

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    Hot Weather Gear What Do You Wear

    What do you wear when it is 80+ outside and the sun is baking down on you.
    Comming from the NW it hardly ever gets over 80 and I know all I need to know about rain gear!
    Ideas on how to keep cool on a hot ride would be of great help. I am pretty sure I have the wrong stuff for riding around Gillette.

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    I'm close to getting the Kevlar Mesh

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    I wear my BMG Zodiak, with a wicking T-shirt under, and drink enough water to keep hydrated. Its working pretty well down here so far even, even at 100 degrees. Keep moving is the key.

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    It depends! There is dry hot and humid hot and the answer isn't the same.

    I have an Aerostich Roadcrafter 2 piece. I also have an Aerostich Darian Jacket. I have a First Gear Mesh Jacket and First Gear mesh pants.

    If it is hot and humid, and I am taking a short ride I might wear the First Gear mesh jacket and pants. But if it is hot and dry I don't wear the mesh jacket because the wind through the mesh jacket just feels hot.

    AND, I never wear the mesh jacket if I am traveling or on a long day. There is severe risk of dehydration with the wind through the mesh hour after hour.

    During the 2003 Iron Butt Rally, approaching Las Vegas on a day that hit 114, I stopped and took off the mesh gear and put on the Roadcrafter suit and was much less uncomfortable with a wet shirt under the jacket. The cooling would last about 45 minutes with the Roadcrafter - about 5 minutes with the mesh.

    My travel gear now consists of:

    Roadcrafter Jacket
    Roadcrafter pants - with zip-on bib top
    First Gear Mesh pants
    Warm & Safe heated jacket liner
    ORI Evaporative cool vest

    Below about 60 I wear the heated liner - maybe turned on low, maybe higher. If cold, I add a fleece jacket liner.
    Over 80 I wear the mesh pants and the Roadcrafter Jacket - vents unzipped.
    Over 90 I add the evaporative cool vest under the Roadcrafter.

    The above list, along with the fleece jacket liner serves me from below freezing up to too hot to ride.

    And for the tip of the day, when it is really hot and you stop at a convenience store, find their ice freezer. Open door, stick in helmet. After you rest and cool off for 5 minutes, the helmet feels really good when you put it on. Then get some ice from the soft drink machine and stick it in your pockets. Watch out for cardiac arrest when you ride off, and the melting ice water spreads across your chest.
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    In the California summer deserts it is hard to beat the Motoport Kevlar mesh with wet underclothes. I learned the trick of packing ice into the mesh pockets after stopping at gas stations. There really is no way to be comfortable in weather over about 105 degrees, but it can be tolerable for an hour at a time. If you are crossing Nevada in the summer you have to make the most of the early morning hours and get to air conditioned civilization for a rest every hour or so until it cools off in the evening. The ability to withstand heat is both a process of acclimatization and genetics. Don't try to emulate other riders when you are suffering from heat exhaustion, you can't fool mother nature with a tough guy attitude.

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    Colors of your clothing are important, white, silver, and yellow will reflect heat. Loose fitting clothing, so air can circulate and reduce circulation is also very important. Insulated clothing works in reverse when the ambient temperature exceeds your body temperature providing you can vent excess heat.

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    When I first started riding (as a pasenger) we took a spring trip to Florida. It was hotter than expected and we stopped at the BMW place in Orlando. The only mesh jackets they had were black and I bought one. I learned fast that black is not a good color in the summer! I later sold it on Craig's List.

    Now I have Olympia Airglide pants and jacket in silver. With the liners removed, I can wear shorts and a tank top underneath and keep cool. As someone else mentioned, drink lots of water as well. I freeze bottles of water and keep them in my saddle bags. When we stop, it has melted enough to drink yet still keep cold.

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    I have tried cordura jacket and overpants, mesh jacket and overpants and never felt comfortable. I now wear ventalated 2 piece leathers with underarmour compression underwear. Toured thru S.C. and Georgia last July w/o complaint. Above all, stay very well hydrated, think cool thoughts and wear a smile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vinton View Post
    What do you wear when it is 80+ outside and the sun is baking down on you.
    "80+"?! Oh, from Seattle. Never mind.

    Quote Originally Posted by Vinton View Post
    Ideas on how to keep cool on a hot ride would be of great help. I am pretty sure I have the wrong stuff for riding around Gillette.
    The Powder River Basin has generally low humidity, and there is almost always a breeze, so worry more about dehydration than actual heat build-up. Keep well-hydrated, and let a LITTLE ventilation to pass through your suit (either textile or leather) to cool you down through evaporation, and you'll be fine.
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    hot weather gear

    Days over 75, for shorter rides--Joe Rocket mesh jacket and pants with Wickers boxers, Columbia Omni Dri T shirt, lightweight shirt and pants. BMW Street Sneakers

    Long rides: Aerostich Darien pants and jacket. Sidi Boots with lightweight wicking socks. Same base layer but also use the Silver Eagle evaporative vest. Have ridden in the 90s and am reasonably comfortable as long as I am moving. Key to any hot weather riding is hydration. I use a camelback on any long rides. Some days I fill the 70oz bladder twice.

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    I have the First Gear mesh tech for the hot weather riding. It is very sturdy and very comfortable and proven to handle a crash.
    In 2003 a fellow rider struck a deer in the Coeur D'Alene of Idaho. Three of us were heading to Spokane. We rounded a curve and the lead rider struck a 10 point buck.
    Between the quality of his 1150rt and First Gear mesh tech, my friend walked away from a potential life threatening incident. Even the ER doctor was impressed with the protective gear. The doctor had stated that most motorcycle PIA's from the area result in severe debilitating injuries or death.
    Under my mesh tech, I just wear silk shorts and silk t-shirt. When I make a stop, I soak my shirt in water and ride. Also Gold Bond powder applied to the posterior and Mr. Happy and the boy's area does wonders.

    Take Care & Ride Safe
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    Jeans and a T shirt

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    Boots, Mesh, & Helmets

    When on trips we always wear protective clothing. The mesh jackets, gloves, boots and the helmet visor cracked open keep us cool even when it is in the 80s. No need to be lathered down with sun block.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldRed View Post
    I'm close to getting the Kevlar Mesh

    I recently got motoport, now cycleport's ultra II air mesh kevlar 3/4 jacket and pants....went riding in temps that ranged from 82-90 degrees according to my onboard thermometer. It was sunny and definitely warm.

    What I found is that at 85 and below, there was a noticeable cooling effect while moving. Standing still, heat just starts to build up obviously. At temperatures 86 and below, there was less of a cooling effect and more of a feeling of warm air blowing in through the mesh kevlar.....still, it kept things manageable in terms of temperature. I felt "warm" but not hot if that makes any sense.

    I was wearing one of those close fitting tshirts that help one migrate heat from one's body to the outside so that helped a bit. I rode for two hours straight and the only time I felt sweat build up was between the back protector and my back....everything else stayed dry and you could feel the great venting this gear gives you.

    It's going to get warmer here in Colorado, we'll see how the gear does in 95+ degree commutes.

    Note, I just had shorts on under the kevlar pants and the long sleeved tshirt under the jacket. Helmet of course and Oxtar riding boots. Both the jacket and pants were black.

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    I have ridden with my black Motoport mesh kevlar jacket / pants in 95 F humid days. I wear thin Gentleman Jeans from TSC and a wicking t-shirt. Every ten minutes I sip some icy cold water from my camel pak. I keep the black visor closed. Heat and humidity has not been a problem, unless I am standing around in the sun.

    Having said that, I don't feel heat or humidity. I hardly perspire on really hot humid days. It really irritates the family when they come home I don't have the air conditioning turned on because I find the house to be cool on hot days. They do not.

    Hence my hot riding gear may not work for you.
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