Not sure if this is the right place for posting this...but here goes.

Son and I are planning a trip from Cincinnati to Prudhoe Bay June of '09.
I will be riding a 2008 GSAdventure and 22y.o. son will be riding his restored
'72 R60/5. Not so sure about the wisdom of all of this...but the two of us cant wait for the adventure of it all. Obviously the machines are at the opposite ends of the spectrum...but will work to ride together. All of the outdoor stuff is old hat to we have backpacked AK and lower 48 numerous years as part of a long Scouting carreer earning Eagle. On the otherhand...the bike element is all new to us.

We would be interested in hearing from those that have taken an older bike (like the '72 R60/5) on a ride like this... and what if any insight/wisdom you could share.
Im thinking..fundamentally if the bike is mechanically shouldnt be a problem. My years tell me not to take anything for granted tho...

Anyone taken or taking an oldie North ?