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Thread: How to clean my tent?

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    "What do we do with witches and tents that kitty peed on? We burn them!!"

    Sorry, had to borrow a little humor from Monty Python.

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    You can always assemble your tent in the back of the pickup and take the whole thing thru a car wash. If it doesn't get rid of the odour, it will probably be beat up so bad you won't want to sleep in it anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sgborgstrom View Post
    I don't like this tent very much (apex2), glad it didn't happen to my "good" tent .
    Sounds like you already know the final out come...

    Cleaning in the washing machine, fabreeze, Nikiwax all work to a point...The point being after the tent drys and sits for awhile, then gets wet again, the odor sometimes returns. Sometimes you need to clean and completely dry a few times to remove the original odor.

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