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    Scratched a new helmet

    My new helmet was caught by the wind and took to rolling across the asphalt this morning as I was putting the cover on. Not how I wanted to start my morning. Any ideas on what is the best product or way to minimize the surface scratches. They do not seem to be to deep. The helmet is grey and the surface scratches are a white color with some nice black and brown asphalt marks. I hope to avoid having to resort to a bunch of stickers.

    Any ideas are appreciated.


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    I hate when that happens. I have a black Shoei and all the scratches are white. I picked up a small bottle of acrylic paint from Michael's, a local art & crafts store. Its not as glossy as the helmet, but at least it covered up my screw ups. Might also want to hit the auto parts store, and see if you can pick up some color-tinted car wax, like Color Back (?), then wax over that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by photoruss View Post
    I hope to avoid having to resort to a bunch of stickers.

    Any ideas are appreciated.

    Well there goes MY idea...

    First off, if your shield got scratched, probably best to replace it. Secondly, since your helmet is gray, it may be hard to match any touch up paint.

    There are a lot of really neat reflective (and non-reflective) stickers/decals out there, though.
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    Thanks, I might start off with a rubbing compound and see how bad it is after that. Shield is ok. It took its punishmnet on the sides near the point of attachments.

    Thanks for the input. I may end up with stickers. any good suggestions


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    Lets see if I have this right. You're concerned about some scratches on a helmet? Is that right?

    No deep gouges?

    It didn't fall from five or six feet high and bang on concrete?

    You didn't have a wreck or anything like that?

    No reason to think you need to replace the helmet?

    The helmet just... "rolled across the asphalt." Without you in it, right?

    And you want to... how did you put it... "minimize" the damage.

    That's it, huh. Really?

    Okay, then. Here's my $0.02, but given your concern I suspect its not what you want to hear. If the shield is scratched then replace it. Otherwise, who cares? Just put on your lid and ride.
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    agree with others, replace the shield and ride ride ride.... it will prolly happen again...

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    I understand your frustration. Your situation reminds me of when I got my new Shoei. I didn't wish to damage it taking it back and forth from the garage and house, so made a shelf in the garage just for it. Of course while working on the shelf, the helmet carefully sat on the floor on some cardboard. My clumsy feet knocked it over and gave it the scratches that I was trying to avoid. My local Honda dealer gave me some magic "stuff" I rubbed into the scratches and for the most part, they were less noticeable. In time, I never noticed the scratches.
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    How far dd your helmet fall? If the answer is more than about 2 feet, you either need to have it professionally inspected or you need to buy a new one, IMO. Others may have different opinions, but why really wear a helmet which may have a compromised shell? If you knew a condom might have a pinhole and you were trying to prevent pregnancy, would you use it?

    Gravity is the enemy of motorcycle helmets. If you never leave it off the ground in an insecure place, it will never fall to the ground and require replacement. Teaching MSF classes I always make sure to ride my students about this and will not tolerate helmets hung on rear view mirrors, left on seats, etc.

    Anyway, good luck with your scratched and possibly compromised helmet.

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    Since helmets are usually colored "plastic", I would try something like Meguirs Plastic cleaner and polish.
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