The school calender worked out that my kids had consecutive weeks in May where they had 4 days off of school. We decided that each son would get to go on a moto tour to where ever they wanted. It was no surprise to me that my 13 year old picked Normandy as his trip. Ever since my kids were toddlers, I've taken them to every Veterans Day parade, Pearl Harbor events, etc. I'm proud that they have shook the hands of a Navy vet that survived a sinking by a Japanese sub, which in turn rescued him. The sub was later sank by a torpedo bomber. He survived that sinking and was eventually picked up by a Japanese freighter and taken to Japan where he served the remainder of the war as a POW. My kids have also shook hands with a Utah Beach D-Day veteran. I tell my kids, " you want to know what a hero looks like? It's that old man over there with hearing aids and a cane, that's a real hero." So, to all the veterans, past, present, and future, my family appreciates your service.

This is the day before we left. I"m "living my sig line".

I had been tracking the weather for a week and it went from rain, to partial rain. The day before we decided that it would be good enough to take the moto.

We headed up over the Jura mountains behind our house and took small roads towards Dijon. First stop.

This guy was fishing off the bridge.

We stopped in at this school to take some pictures of the incredible tiled roof!!

Around 10 am it was obvious we were going to get wet, so we geared up BEFORE the rain started

We went through a small mid evil village, Vezelay, and decided to check it out.

We're walking around and my son goes, "Hey Dad, they have a Picasso exhibit in here". I look, and sure enough, this very old house has been converted into a museum and they are showing a Picasso exhibit. I'm always keen to hone my sword of ignorance with the culture stone, so off we went. Here's one you may have seen before, I believe it's called, " La tet de roi" or "the head of the king"

another Picasso

something by Victor Brauner

a Ferdnand Leger

Don't remember who painted this but I like it.

We left Vezelay and headed to Treigny, to check on Guedelon Castle.