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Thread: Imported a new Schuberth helmet

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    Quote Originally Posted by TedKing View Post
    I currently am wearing/using a Shoei J Wing helmet and and wondering if any of you have any opinion on how the sizing compares between the helmets.

    I have a Shoei RF 1000 in size large and it's packed out to be a bit loose. I've had a Schuberth S1 in XL for about the same time period and it fits better. In the S1 I'd say go a size larger, that is if you have a Schuberth head. Haven't tried on a C2 yet but definitely will take a look.

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    That reminded me, my C2 is just about blown out so I ordered a new one.

    I got mine from a company in California with an extra shield for $499 delivered.

    Unfortunately it was the last XL they had in stock. I didn't ask if they were getting more.

    As for those little discs I also got some spares from them last year. K Basa can tell you about my purchasing a BRAND NEW helmet for the two discs on the 2005 Iron Butt rally, then selling him the lid for 50 cents on the purchase dollar.

    EDIT: I ignored the lack of available sizes on their page and called their tool free number. I wasn't a tool so I got the kind lady on the phone to put her hands on my helmet to confirm size and availability.

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    Quote Originally Posted by keithcarr View Post
    ....desperate for a left Schuberth C2 side shield cover wheelie thing, the black circular two-piece part that holds the visor on, any chance you could help a brudda out? i can send a pic of the part I need! Keith
    This is one of the key advantages of a helmet such as a Shoei Multitec . . . no little pieces to lose when you change faceshields. My fiancee has a Schuberth (great deal on an XS at a local dealer a couple of years ago), and if we go to Europe next year, I plan to try to find and stock up on these little pieces (not to mention replacement faceshields). May even look at a C2 for me!
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