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Thread: Not a fatality if wearing a helmet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PGlaves View Post
    Of course not! It is because it is the law in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. You don't like those laws. That is your right. But until those laws are changed your opinion doesn't really matter as to whether an endorsement is or isn't required.

    As to whether it is a good idea, I agree that some training in some states sucks. But your anarchist viewpoint won't change that either.
    Ahhhh, The Law! Welcome, friends, to "Cuz I said so and I voted and stuff." Ain't it grand?

    I wonder what else might be justified under color of "The Law". Tell us more about reading comprehension and The Law pre-1865? How about pre-1919? Hey, it's The Law, man; your opinion doesn't matter.

    The Law is right. Until it ain't.

    If it weren't for The Law, people who are totally unqualified would be driving They'd be doing really stupid stuff, like driving and

    Anyway, you are right about at least one thing, The Law is simply an expression of the mechanism of force. And all the best ideas require force.

    Honestly, I don't know how anyone that espouses that threat-of-violence-underpinning-everything reconciles it with the ethos of motorcycling. For my part, they are diametrically opposed. But that's just, like, my opinion.

    If only The Law governed might be as good as the results we get from licensing as dictated by The Law.

    Too easy.

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    To me, it doesn't matter if the untrained gets a crotch rocket or chromed cruiser. Yep, the crotch rocket is a missile, but the chrome cruiser can wipe-out part of the herd with a stupid move. I've seen both. Perhaps, it's the age difference that allows us to critique the racer wannabees while shrugging our shoulders at the latest pile-up of grandpa pirates. I've seen both come into class and learn something. Sadly, I've seen some leave class with no intention or ability to use the info provided.

    But, the vast majority that sign-up for the basic class are there to learn something. In my state, it also allows them to earn their MC endorsement.

    For me, I get to offer some safety training and meet people who have chosen a productive path into motorcycling. It's actually quite nice and leads me to believe that the motorcycle community is actually quite healthy.
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