hi beckgrcgb....

sounds like you had a nice ride...the area in pa. along rt.75 and up into the south mountain on 233 is some of my home turf...too bad i didn't see this earlier...but it sounds like you had an overall good couple days here.

the area around ohiopyle is pretty nice riding. i was just out in that part of the state, and posted a story about my weekend in this forum: "tour de frank" with pix...we rode right up and down 381...we took rt. 31 in and out of the area, off of rt. 30.

if you thought the parts of pennsylvania you rode in were crowded, you can be glad you didn't get down to lancaster and the surrounding areas...along rt. 75, from rt. 30 to rt. 233, there are just as many amish, BTW...i'd be surprised to hear that you didn't pass any buggies on that road.

thanks for posting your final "report". sounds like the whole loop was a good one!