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Great to hear! My Oxtar Jupiter 2 xcr boots are supposed to arrive tomorrow. They're the just-over-the-ankle-lace-up style, but certainly seem more protective than gym shoes or the like. And they have a heel. I hate not having a heel to hook on my pegs. And I found them on-line at several places as close-outs. I may have gotten the last size 43 (US sz 10) in the known universe, but pro'ly not, if anyone's interested.

But trust me, on a fully faired bike, like my RS, when you're stuck in rush hour traffic and it's 90+ degrees and 90% humidity, those cylinders aren't helping the cool-osity of the situation.

If it ever gets warm in Illinois again, I'll report back. As it stands today, electrics are still in order here.
I hope they work out for you. I wonder if "XCR" stands for the type of fiber weave that makes the boots? Mine sound more "traditional" than yours. They are higher with armor on the shin and ankles, and they close with velcro. Here's a pic of my boots from newenough:

And of yours, also from newenough:

From the other pics on newenough.com the soles of the two boots appear identical. I probably have 6-8,000 miles on the Oxtars and the sole has worn well and seems like it'll last for at least several good summer seasons of hard riding. Oxtar (who had to change their name to TCX) makes one heckuva product, IMHO. Good luck with them, and write a little review after you've put a few miles on 'em.