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Thread: New Roadrunes Photo Gallery

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    New Roadrunes Photo Gallery

    Ok so this is cool......

    On the new photo gallery I've been setting up on my site I discovered that it has a nice panorama viewing option that I found when I put up some new pano's taken with the G9 on my trip last weekend. I got them up on the link below

    Georgia Mountain Rally Photos

    on the main page there are two pano's, one from the balcony of my room at the Alpine Inn and one taken on the parkway.

    if you click on the fullsize image button for each it will expand like a normal pano, but if you click on the "View Panorama" button on the left toward the top it will open a image that stays within the screen and puts a slider below the picture that will pan the image within the frame. Too Cool! You do have to have java on the your machine for it to work though.

    Neat stuff, I really like this gallery software better than my old way of doing it.


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    Way cool. Thanks for the link.
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