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Thread: HBO Vice~ Killing C.

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    HBO Vice~ Killing C.

    I've watched all too many die from cancer. It seems that a lot of the treatments have been "as bad as the disease". I ran across a special on HBO that seems to take treatments in a new direction......We can only hope.

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    Hope researchers keep thinking "outside the box."

    Otherwise, the 'Big C' gets all of us eventually, if we live long enough.
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    I work as a volunteer in our local hospital. My task is to carry the chemotherapy drugs from the pharmacy to the Cancer Treatment Center. It is amazing how many people in a small city such as Helena are afflicted with cancer. It is not uncommon for me to carry over 30 treatment bags to the center during a four hour shift. It is equally amazing how the staff of the center takes care of these folks. They work under difficult circumstances and yet they retain an upbeat and professional approach with every patient. Certainly, with some cancers the successful treatment of the disease causes far more discomfort than the disease itself. I hope someday, when the treatments for cancer are simple and unintrusive, the people will look back on our current efforts with amazement that we used such relatively primitive treatments.
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