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Thread: Wheelchair on R1150RT

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    Wheelchair on R1150RT

    I just drove down to St Louis with my R1100RT. On the way down an R1150RT passed us with a wheel chair strapped to the rear seat. He waved as he passed us.

    My hat is off to that rider if he is disabled and still rides.

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    The last get together I attended with the local club we went on a spirited ride thru the canyons and mountains in San Diego, then met at a local dealership for brats and sodas. There I spoke briefly with a one-legged rider who rides an R1200R and has a holster in the back for his crutch, the only sign I had that there was something different about this BMW rider.

    I do not recall the young man's name, but he was a personable and upbeat guy who was willing to answer stupid questions he no doubt hears a thousand times.

    The gist of his story is he lost his left leg when he was ten years old. He was not wearing a prosthetic, but it didn't appear that he needed it. His BMW has been modified so he operates the shift lever from the left handlebar with his thumb. He has a button for up shift and another for down shift. He says he has to be conscious about how he stops (always lean to the right), but after 20 years it's become natural to him. He slides on board from the right side and rides off the center stand. I didn't see this but assume that's how he does it. I did see him riding, and you couldn't tell he only had one leg. He has terrific balance.

    Anyway, moral of the story, if you can will it, you can do it. Goodonya, I say.

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