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Thread: Spring Ride in the PNW

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    Spring Ride in the PNW

    When I heard the weather forecast was promising temps in the 70s and dry, sunny skies I had to go for a ride. Keep in mind I ride all year but only go for "joy" rides when the weather is decent. I'm still limited in Oregon as to the direction of my ride because the mountainous areas are still covered with snow. I headed to the coast where I can always count on good photographic content & a dozen great roads that will get you there. I stopped at the Columbia River Maritime Museum to see what kind of ships were moored along the coastline. The tourists were out in droves & everyone had a still or video camera in their hands. I stopped at my favorite breakfast place, The Berry Patch, located on hwy 30 a few miles from Astoria. All in all it was a fine day for just a short 180 mile round trip. As the weather gets better so will the rides.

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    Sounds good, Bob. I'm looking forward to better weather for you, too. I know it means lots more good pictures!

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