My GSA has begun to rise in the mpg departrment, but so slowly and with some effort on my part slowing down. 44 this last tank, middle grade gas and 11000 mile now. It just does not seem a priority for BMW and others to excell here and many older BMW's are doing as well or better in this area. I concede my BMWGSA is a sport bike with high end abilities, so I must figure it to be where it is! This is good. I do get more "tight fisted" with my funds however as the 5$ gas hits here and want better. I would hope to see a CRASH in the gas/oil market soon, because this topic will become a huge one as we all pay more for just about everything out there. Fuels have more than doubled and so will your food, clothes,eating out and anything you can name, because it doesn't fall from trees. It comes via trucks! Its a miracle, the trucking industry has not passed this on moreso to the consumers and its beginning. Randy