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Thread: Anybody else for a quickie?

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    Smile Anybody else for a quickie?

    I'm gonna slip out of work in the next hour (lunch time), zip home and put on my gear. Bags are loaded and waiting with a couple of bugees for the chair and cooler. I'll be riding up the twisty Poudre Canyon (northern central CO) and then down a beautiful scenic slalom course called 125 to mosey on into Hot Sulpher Springs by supper time.

    Hope ya'll get a quickie too

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    I'm not jealous. Personally I wouldn't want to have to ride in the mountains and all......(right!)
    Good on you! Happy trails.
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    Guest it was only a one night stand but the weather was just right to be able to wear your gear and not be hot or cold. The roads were cleaner than I expected, not much sand left from the winter road care. The return route went through Winter Park and over Berthoud pass, then skiting the freeway on the little 6 road, and homeward bound on the peak-to-peak road. A lunch break at Blackhawk casinos ended up with only one rider gambling...Father Joe, yes father as in priest.

    Even if it's only a one night can still be refreshing

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