Riding in from AZ a week ago on my GSA1200. Need a break and stop at Tahachapi, CA for a short rest. Just before getting off the freeway a mile or so, the CHP were stopping speeders on the other side, opposite direction. I blew on by, thinking of my exit ahead for a rest stop. A mile to go yet. One of the CHP, a Polarbear(white unmarked), the others are Panda's, had turned on ME across the median to my lack of notice. I was not speeding, but still did not notice the CHP following me at a distance. White unmarked, remember! Tehachapi is a small mountain town and kind of high desert terrain. The exit is clearly wide open country and I just get off and continue to blow the stop sign, left turn, probably still in third gear. NOT even a close stop. Hmmmmm. I notice the white car immediately in my mirror at the past intersection blown by me and YES, guess who! It was a safe maneuver on my part, because no traffic in either direction and I figured what the heck, don't stop. My California stop was a little much, however as third gear stops are faster than any CHP can handle! Well, I try to go unnoticed and riding towards town, thinking I may have been unseen back there in my glory. NOPE, the CHP had me in their sights indeed and approached from behind in a carniverous fashion, I felt. ME, I guess I'm had, so my GSA and I find dirt, well off the roadway and safe. The Polarbear(unmarked whitie car) CHP has a girl CHP at the helm and she marches at me with a mannerism of real authority and about to pounce on my guilt. I knew it was coming and melted into a puddle of self guilt. She spoke first; "WHAT WAS THAT", not even close to a stop? I quickly remove my helmet for my age may improve my case, with lots of grey hairs, mostly grey nowadays. I speak; I'm wrong, indeed and have no excuse, I blew it! I have no out, I say. I'm clearly wrong and have no excuse at all". End of conversation. She asks for my drivers license and "no" registratation, and after that and I feel immediately she may be considering a break for me and a verbal warning. My feeling is correct as I speak again and say," if you're condidering giving me a break, I'm very appreciative indeed" and that was that. She gave me a break and I have been lucky this day. Actually, no CHP are bad, as I titled this and they are just folks doing jobs we conflict with occasionally. My latest was a good experience, as I got off the hook with a repremand from this lady CHP. I have a great record and no tickets for a dozen or more years, so I've been a good boy or say not caught. Be safe, Happy Trails, Randy13233